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Hirschmann Switches
Browse our range of Hirrschmann Switches to suite your need from these six categories: Entry Level Hubs and Switches, OpenRail Switches, Modular Industry-Switches, IP67-Industrial Switches, Modular Gigabit ETHERNET Switches, Control Room Switches.>>
Wireless LAN
Lower installation costs and higher mobility and flexibility are the key reasons why industry is switching more and more from wired systems to radio remote control technology. Hirschmann offers a reliable complete package featuring tried and tested technology, installed and tested on site. >>
Network Management
The Operator Edition permits at-a-glance monitoring of network status by mapping the network with its complete hierarchical structure and topology. HiVision and HiOPC enable secure and easy configuration as well as the monitoring of industrial network components in real time. >>
Video Over Ethernet
Video, audio and control signals can be transmitted with this videoserver over existing ETHERNET data networks and provide high-quality images with the lowest load on the data network. >>
The company-wide network becomes reality: ETHERNET is deployed in all departments, from the office through to production. This advantage also brings with it some risks, however, in the form of viruses and worms. As a result, it is becoming ever more important to control access to the production network and to construct secure tunnels based on VPN technology. >>
System Accessories
A comprehensive range of accessories completes the Hirschmann product portfolio. Our accessories are tailored perfectly to the product families, offering practical solutions for any application. >>

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