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Wired & Wireless provide superlative integration and consulting services in all areas of electronics and electrical engineering including Telecommunications, Telemetry, Electrical industrial control, and Wireless systems.

Specific areas of specialty are listed below:

We offer off-the-shelf technologies
from the world's leading suppliers and supported by our professional engineering approach to quality project delivery.

Wired & Wireless offers a range of communication solutions including VOIP, Wireless, Telemetry, Emergency-systems, Messaging, PABX, Paging, Broadband VPN , OH& S, RF, Security and Training.

City-wide location systems, wireless security systems

Industrial on-site and multi-site Telemetry and Emergency-systems

City Wide Utility Monitoring for metering, breakdown, and security services.


Voice Network Services
Telephony Solutions have been part of our offerings for more than a decade. We provide designed solutions for customers irrespective of size or distance. (5 -20,000 staffs). For instance we are able to provide a communications server for a multi-country pabx service.

Communications Mobility Services
Workforces are becoming increasingly mobile. Remote Teleworking, Wireless LAN, Handheld Devices – PDA’s, barcode-readers, DECT and portable telephony, GSM / GPRS / Blackberry, Videoconferencing.

Communications Connectivity & Services We design, implement & commission advanced cabling and wireless systems for voice, data and video communications including:
Cat5 , Cat5e Cat6 Structured Cabling, Server, Active Equipment, Cabinets, Cable pathways, patch panels, Network Hardware - Hubs, Switches etc.
Network Traffic Audits & Cable Certifications
Fibre Optic Cabling for voice, data and videoBroadband, ADSL, DSL, SHDSL
Wireless – Wireless radiolinks, Microwave communications, Laser and Optical communications

Data & IT Network Services
We are able to supply, install, & maintain leading brands of IT hardware and software such as: PC Hardware, Active Equipment, Switches, Routers, Database construction, Specialist programming services, Network design & maintenance
Peripheral Equipment, Printers, Software, Microsoft Products, Custom Applications, Unified Messaging Solutions, Call Accounting Solutions, Network Monitoring, Infrastructure.

Database construction, Specialist programming services, Network design & maintenance.

Security and Image Network Services
Access Control, M.A.T.V, C.C.T.V., network cameas and imaging storage.



Commercial Consulting in Telecommunications, Telemetry, IT and Wireless Systems.

Internet Network Services:

Toll-bypass, VPN, Display, TCP/IP messaging, website-design, website optimisation, website communications interfacing.

Our electronics and telecommunications engineering design services ensure that a client's specific needs can always be solved no matter how complex the task. Our Telecom & ICT Advisory Service is available to provide designs and consulting to assist businesses define appropriate solutions to achieve their safety, efficiency and performance goals. R & D and Consulting in HighTechnology.

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