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WWSI leads the way in providing services as well as distributing IT, communications & electronics solutions to customers around the world. Applications ranging from industry, hospitals, security and surveillance, to the retail sector and hotels all benefit from our "best technology" principles and value-added solutions.

WWSI is an ICT distribution and consulting company with a presence in major regions. We specialise in distributing telemetry, alarms, IP, telecommunications, wireless, and IT hardware & software systems for communications, security, industrial and business applications.

Our solutions are based upon sophisticated technology platforms provided by the world's leaders including Alcatel, Avaya, Symbol, Cisco, Ericsson, Data-Linc, Shyam Telecom and other leaders-specialists in wireless and telemetry systems. Our integrators and resellers provide on-site solutions as well as wide-area / mobile solutions, and general B2B solutions.

 Our services

Schools and colleges
Create a safer connected campus using our breakthrough technology >>
Hazardous locations
Increase lone-worker safety with intrinscially safe duress devices >>
Hospitals and aged care
Improve healthcare quality and enhance patient satisfaction >>
Provide solutions in rail, airports, shipping and traffic control >>
Retail and entertainment
Ensure that retail staff can work safely and effectively every day >>
Hotels and hospitality
Increase service level and reduce cost with quicker response at hotels >>
Office productivity
Increase office productivity with our various IT solutions >>
Security and surveillance
Enhance security in high-risk environments offering greater safety >>
Create an agile organisation, prevent production downtime and reduce risk >>
Power/gas/water and environment
Provide solutions in the energy and environment sectors >>

 Our partners

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