Wired & Wireless Solutions International (WWSI) is an Australian-owned distribution, consulting and ITC Services company head-quartered in Australia. We specialise in advanced technology by the world’s leading suppliers and focus on M2M, RFID, IIOT, IOT, Sensors, RTLS, Messaging, Wi-Fi AC, WiFi6, IP PBX, IP DECT, Trunked Radio, Cloud innovations customised to the organisation’s requirements in telemetry, alarms, IP, communications, wireless, industrial, safety and security applications.


Schools and colleges
Create a safer connected campus using our breakthrough technology
Hazardous locations
Increase lone-worker safety with intrinscially safe duress devices
Hospitals and aged care
Improve healthcare quality and enhance patient satisfaction
Provide solutions in rail, airports, shipping and traffic control >>
Retail and entertainment
Ensure that retail staff can work safely and effectively every day
Hotels and hospitality
Increase service level and reduce cost with quicker response at hotels
Office productivity
Increase office productivity with our various IT solutions
Security and surveillance
Enhance security in high-risk environments offering greater safety
Create an agile organisation, prevent production downtime and reduce risk
Power/gas/water and environment
Provide solutions in the energy and environment sectors

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