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Industrial Ethernet

Wired and Wireless Solutions International are authorised providers of Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet products.

We have a network of experts in Australasia, Australia, Asia-Pacific and Middle East to support your planned project in design and implementation.

Hirschmann Automation and Control offers Industrial Ethernet Products for all applications and transmitting media.

Industrial ETHERNET offers a wide range of transmission media such as copper, glass fibre or also "wireless"; data transmission rates range from 10 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s to 1 Gigabit/s. In this way process and manufacturing data is not just available at the field level, but is seamlessly integrated into higher-level data acquisition systems.

Ethernet will not be excluded from the industrial automation anymore. Apart from the advantages of standardized communication results also a smooth infrastructure, which is enough from the office to the machine and/or to the sensor.

Some of our most popular products:

    Managed industrial/ruggedised switches:
    DIN-rail mounting (OpenRail family):
    • RS20: compact 4 to 24 ports; copper or fiber uplinks
    • RS30: compact 8 to 26 ports; gigabit copper or fiber uplinks
    • RS40: compact 9 copper/fiber all gigabit ports
    • RSR: extra rugged, copper, fiber, and gigabit ports, -40 to +85 C, meets IEC 61850-3 for substation use, AC or DC inputs
    • MICE MS20: modular 2 to 24 ports; copper, fiber, & PoE
    • MICE MS30: modular 2 to 24 ports plus 2 gigabit uplinks
    • PowerMICE: modular 2 to 24 ports plus 4 gigabit uplinks and routing
    • OpenRail Online Configurator: for custom switch requirements
    • MICE Media Modules: Standard or Custom

    19" rack mounting:
    • MACH 1000: extra rugged, 24 copper and/or fiber ports plus 2 gigabit uplinks, -40 to +85 C, meets IEC 61850-3 for substation use, specify using the MACH 1000 online configurator.
    • MACH 4000: 24 or 48 modular copper and/or fiber ports (gigabit uplinks, all gigabit, and 10 gigabit uplinks options available); PoE (Power over Ethernet) and Routing available.
    • MACH 4000 media modules: copper, fiber, gigabit, and PoE

    IP67 panel mounting:
    • OCTOPUS: 8, 16, or 24 ports with optional fiber uplink ports

    Unmanaged industrial switches
    • SPIDER: 2, 3, 5, or 8 ports with or without fiber
    • RS20 or RS30: compact 4 to 26 ports; copper or fiber uplinks; gigabit option

    Wireless access point/client:
    • BAT 54 RAIL: IEEE 802.11a/b/g; redundant radios & power, PoE, firewall, DIN-rail mounting.

    • EAGLE: industrial 2-port firewall, router, 1:1 NAT and VPN option, DIN-rail mounting.

    Network Management Software:
    • Industrial HiVision - Operator Edition: Network visualization/auto-topology mapping. Download a 30-day demo here.
    • HiVision SNMP-based, suitable for multiple switch configuration/monitoring.

    Recommended Accessories:
    • ACA21-USB: USB configuration backup (for quick switch replacement/cloning)
    • SFPs: for gigabit fiber connections (LC connector; multimode, singlemode, long haul, or LH+)
    • Power Supplies