Application Notes


Ethernet in the Brewery Industry

Israel Beer Breweries Ltd (Carlsberg Israel): one of the largest beer producer in Israel. At the beginning of 1992 Carlsberg entered the Israeli market. Carlsberg Israel is now one of the largest beer producer in the country, and currently produces Carlsberg, Tuborg, and Malty. It also imports Guinness, Weihenstephan, Baltika and Kilkenney. Using the best European know-how and expertise, a team of Israeli engineers and experts from Carlsberg International designed and built a modern brewery with state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

The installation includes computerized automatic production lines and control systems. As the breweries expended rapidly during the last 10 years, the installed fieldbus systems and H1 communication technology needed to be replaced with a faster, up-to-date, and flexible communication technology. The solution was Ethernet. Hirschmanns Ethernet products, in particular the Modular Industrial Communications Equipment (MICE) Switches, exactly matched the project requirements.

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