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Press Releases, Events, Conferences, Exhibitions, New Product Release, Milestones and Achievements

Press Releases, Events, Conferences, Exhibitions, New Product Release, Milestones and Achievements

Year 2016

Upgrade your current system DCT1800 radio exchange Cordless system now or just maintain it as is...... :)

No need to upgrade immediately! Our Service manager estimates we can support the cordless DCT1800 radio exchange system cards and cabinets for another 3-5 years at least without change. Contact us at 1300 765 543 for support of your existing system. or click on the support tab or quick link #3 on the home page.

Some suggest that there is the DCT1800 Radio Exchange Phase-out & IP-DECT Migration necessity, but we prefer to give the customer options and prevent disruption and high expense.

Interested in upgrading? We have 3 paths of upgrade; 3 levels of investment. Contact us for obligation-free quotations or click here for more information. You can upgrade for less than you might expect!


Year 2015

Aastra Ericsson BP250

The Aastra Ericsson BP250 is now enhanced with a whole new series of SIP telephone handsets.

New projects

We have won and installed some interesting new projects for new customers with our emergency communications systems including hospitals, correction centres, aquatic centres, councils, construction projects, and schools.

Released a new Data-Linc radios

We have released a new Data-Linc radios this year including the FLC830e, a powerful new industrial WIFI OFDM radio modem, partnered with RZOckwelland Schneider ABB, GE, Omron and others datalinc industrial radios are used in the most gruelling industrial applications from water to infrastructure to wastewater, energy , Oil and gas and more.

Released Maestro products

We have released a new Maestro 3G module -- known as the 3GHeritage system it is available with 6 input and 6 output or 4 D I/O and 2 analog I/Os. In addition we have released the Maestro industrial MI10 which is a power I/O cellular radio modem with all the benefits of an industrial rating in specifications

Year 2010

CEBIT Australia Exhibition [May 2010]

We attended CEBIT May 2010 and launched the systems listed above. Also we launched and demonstrated our new Triple Play IP TV , VOD systems / digital signage system.

Middle East

In the Middle East our office over there had a really good year with the release of new ascom dect handsets and the instigation and awarding to us of a contract for building a wireless data networks for cities in the gulf countries.

Lauched the new technology

We lauched the following new technology:

  • Data linc industrial radio modems
  • Maestro-wireless cellular 2g/3g modems
  • Ericsson dect handsets
  • Aastra ascom dect handsets
  • SIP telephone extensions card for ericsson bp250 telephone system
  • businessphone systems new SIP trunking card soon to come

Maestro wireless

Maestro wireless released their 3G indutrial router -- the 3GIR -- making waves due to its industrial rugged, failsafe design with 2 dual antenna, dual sim bay, dual power input, battery back up capability.

Data-Linc Group released new products

Data-Linc Group released stunning new products which enhance what is already the widest range of industrial modems available.

The new industrial modems release include:

  • The SRM6320 is a serial and ethernet dual radio for point to point and ponit to multipoint applications.
  • The FLC910e is a powerful fast wifi radio with a difference-- it usese OFDM protocol, plus 915MHz frequency and the proven Data-Linc design lineageof the 810e, and 820g radios.

IP DECT system making waves

IP DECT system making waves -- a powerful system to upgrade your corldess technology or to add cordless communications to your SIP pabx or conventional pabx. New ip dect gateway for the best of both worlds -- dect and ip dect system combined giving a powerful crystal clear radio speech channels and then uses the IP LAN for the connection back to the SIP PBX or IP Pbx.
Proven and accepted around the world as the best wireless voice/ vowifi/ voWLAN/ cordless voice system available. This system adds onto all DCT1800 systems, DCT1800G systems, DCT1800s systems, DCT1900 systems, all PABX of whatever type whatsoever.




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