Hospitals and Aged Care

Wired and Wireless can arrange a totally integrated hospital enterprise environment, where clinical, management, financial and technical systems work together smoothly and proficiently. Quicker response improves workflows and communication within and especially between departments, e.g. the radiology and laboratory departments. Wired and Wireless helps hospitals reduce overall operational costs and increase quality assurance.
In addition, better process efficiency reduces time losses which give nursing staff more opportunities to improve the quality of care on a day-to-day basis. Patients will be happy to experience better information and comfort, and a quicker response to medical alarms and information can also save lives.
The solutions we implement are for patient-care, patient-safety, emergency-response, staff-security, and team communication, access to expert help, employee wellness and retention.
Technologies are being utilised today that provide payback well within 12 months and include Emergency-Team-communication, Hospital PABX, Wireless voice communications, radio paging, remote-alarms, telemetry, messaging, nurse-call, staff security, and video security.

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Our Services cover: Training, Facilitation, Management, Consulting, Design, Development, Implementation, Maintenance, Communications, Health & Safety Systems, IT Networks and Leadership. Our service commenced in 1983.
In these regions: Australasia, Indian Subcontinent & Middle East
Our key partners: (Representation varies by region)
Alcatel - Ascom - PACCS - Belden - Data-Linc - Ericsson - HeartMath - Hirschmann - Kleos - Shyam - Vecima


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