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Wireless Telemetry & Industrial comm. solutions: Telemetry-Alarms, Monitoring, SCADA, Emergency-systems (Data-Linc Wireless modems -- see below)
Location based services Asset & Personnel safety Tracking, fleet, back-to-base, data, alarm, emergency response, asset tracking, personnel safety monitoring.
Radio Frequency Systems Broadband, voice, data, Alarms, Emergency-Management, meter reading
Emergency Systems Alarm, access control, security, Fire, safety, environment
Telephone Systems Business telephone and associated systems such as pabx, key systems, voicemail, voice-overIP (VOIP), business cordless telephony, (DECT), call-accounting, cordless handsets, desk telephones, reception consoles, fixed cellular terminals, headsets, gate/door phones and accessories. ( Ericsson, Alcatel and other systems -- see below
Telecom Network Products NB:Integrators and Distributors please call and ask for one of our Dealer Managers.

Some examples of our specific enabling technologies

Portable Telephones Including Wireless and DECT Personal Messaging, Paging, PACCS - Alarm and Duress, Unified Messaging
IP Systems, PABX and Key Systems - Voicemail
Industrial Communication Solutions
Access Control, Sensors and Security
Secure Electronic ID & RFID
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