Wireless & dect Technology



Wireless/DECT Portable Telephones and pagers.
Brands include Ericsson, Alcatel, PACCS, and others.

Applications include:
Voice telephony, 2 way and group calls, Data, Messaging, Duress with location, equipment-remote-control, Access, Paging, Acknowledgement, job allocation, picking lists, remote-sensing-equipment-alarms, staff security, Nursecall.


radio exchanges AND wireless Switching

Inexpensive interface systems connect to any brand pabx, key system or Telecom service to allow on-site mobile communications.

Base stations transceivers are used to create a high quality cellular-like network for voice and data communications for sites of any size up to the largest campuses and industrial sites. Wide area solutions exist to cover whole cities and regions.


base stations and access points

Small wired and wireless transceivers provide complete radio coverage over small and large sites. Coverage for a small office or an entire university campus.



A full range of standard and custom accessories exist.

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