The Toughbook Advantage

For 15 years, Toughbooks have been the industry's most reliable and
Ruggedized notebook computers. And as wireless data has evolved from a low-speed luxury to high-speed digital technologies over the years, Panasonic Computer Solutions Company has remained at the forefront

Toughbooks are designed with built in data radios and modems that allow you to take advantage of the all the current wireless technologies. The self-contained data transmitters and antennas provide you with superior performance and a sure way to connect to your carrier's network.

The way we construct Toughbooks also provides you with protection on your investment from the environmental conditions your mobile workers do business in everyday. We embed the OEM modules to shield them from interference caused by noise and heat and integrate the antennas next to the LCD to provide an unblocked transmission area. For anyone who relies on wireless data to get their job done, nothing compares to a Toughbook.


The Toughbook Advantage:

  • Greater return on investment, for the past three years, notebook Click here to see an enlarged picturePC damage rates have risen 22.5%, with an average damage incident cost of $2,900. At the same time, the functions that mobile PCs are required to perform have evolved to mission critical status. Professionals cannot afford to be without their computers-offline, unproductive, out-of-touch.

    With Panasonic Toughbooks, time isn't wasted transferring data from damaged systems, recovering lost work, hiring expensive IT consultants or replacing failed notebooks. Designed for unparalleled performance and durability, Panasonic Toughbooks have become the industry's most reliable mobile PCs-they're your best defense against downtime.
  • Toughbooks have embedded OEM modules that are shielded against interference caused by noise and heat
  • Toughbooks have integrated antennas that are located next to the LCD which provides for an unblocked transmission area.
  • Toughbooks provide users with the most robust reception available in the marketplace.Toughbooks provide users an integrated system that provides the user with a longer life expectancy for the laptop and the battery.


Why your company needs to be wireless ready
The remote and mobile worker population is at 78 million employees and growing. From traveling executives to repair technicians, this wireless workforce includes millions of employees who work in the field and rarely if ever sit at a desk, much less frequent a main office. These mobile workers need to stay connected to what's going on in their organization. As a result, in order for your company to stay competitive in the marketplace, wireless communication has become an everyday necessity.

Putting the Tough in Toughbooks
We build Toughbooks with a durability that's designed into every seal,
hinge, keyboard and connector. Toughbooks endure stringent U.S. Military MIL-STD-810F testing procedures that measure for dust, water, vibration, extreme temperature and moisture resistance, as well as drop shock absorption. Toughbooks can take it-day in and day out.

Integrated Wireless Options
Each Toughbook is designed to solve different business challenges, and can be fitted with WLan, Bluetooth or GPS depending on customer requirements.

Integrated Wireless vs. PC Cards
The biggest obstacle mobile workers face is the downtime they experience from slow transmission speeds caused by internal and external interference. The amount of interference a user experiences varies based on their laptop. However, it has been proven that mobile workers who use laptops with PC cards experience the most interference and mobile workers who use laptops with integrated wireless experience the least amount of interference.

Internal Interference
Laptop users with PC cards experience more internal RF and heat interference because the card is located right next to the noise and heat-generating components like the CPU. Do you remember watching TV and the screen would go fuzzy when other electrical appliances were used at the same time? The fuzzy screen on your TV was caused by RF interference.

The same type of RF interference can be experienced by the PC card in a laptop. Additional interference is caused by these components from the heat they generate. Heat can cause a user to experience frequency shifts and less-than-optimal performance from a laptop. And, it will degrade the laptop's internal components. Panasonic understands the major causes of interference and has designed laptops with goal of minimizing it.

External Interference
Laptop users experience external interference, not only from the location of the antenna, but also from their work environment. And, other computer companies don't appear to take the work environment into consideration when they continue to insert PC cards into their laptops. When a worker is mobile, the PC card is likely to get hit and possibility disconnected. This situation is easy to fix but can create additional downtime. The other most common problem involves pieces of the broken PC card causing internal damage to the laptop. This situation can be more severe and costly to fix. There is also the issue of environmental interference caused by the transmission area.

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