two Decades of INNOVATION & support

2006: VOIP wireless systems up and running in major organisations around Australia.

Commencing a large wireless network for NSW government body.

New emergency systems services & products launched.

2005: WWSI were awarded the distribution for GSM & 3G Mobile systems infrastructure development--for a seamless customer experience. Technology in use by the leading Telco providers and operators.

2005: A large Middle Eastern country has decided to implement trials in City wide telemetry applications. Trials also commencing in Asia.

2005: Kuwait Communications Agency has taken on our advanced platforms. Large projects are in approval stages.

2005: PACCS Telemetry: C900M an innovative range of solution for wide area alarms, control, meter reading.

2004: Wide area location system market further developed.

2004: Expanded our range of wireless products for Asia, Australasia, Middle East projects.

2004: Released intrinsically safe wireless devices.

2003: Entered into a joint venture to provide wide area location services to the MEA.

2003: Expanded Middle East operations. Middle East network developing strongly.

2003: Further developed the world's most advanced RF ID system in a contract with major alliance partner.

1996-2004: Designed and maintain hundreds of wireless voice systems used in all sectors.

2002: Technology transfer commences in relation to setting up a distributor in Middle East Region.

2002: Developed and released the Wired and Wireless PACCS system for on-site and wide Area communications and security.

2001: First to bring to market in Australia an innovative series of heart rhythm coherence monitors used in the health sector.

1999: Acquired Solutions relating to the national distribution of a major multinational vendor for wireless products in Australia.

1996: Dealer network set up across Australia to provide our advanced wired & wireless solutions throughout the region.

1995: Developed leading expertise in wireless and cordless technologies for helping achieve new levels of organisational performance.

1993-1996: Designed & Installed hundreds of wireless communications systems and wireless LAN systems.

1994: Designed & Commissioned the first E1 CBand microwave Communications link in Southern hemisphere

1993: Developed and installed the first wireless Lan interbuilding link in the world at 2.4 GHz.

1992: installed and maintained one of the first & largest lighting HVAC, & security systems in Australia using X10 technology.

1989: Designed & developed structured networking solutions and intelligent building applications. Lead the field in Australia in these areas and resulting in several industry firsts.

1988: Developed advanced lighting and heating technologies as a spin-off from R&D projects.

1987: Developed electronics systems for start-up company an eventually competing successfully in US and international marketplace.

1985: Worked with CSIRO to develop new magnetic materials for advancing the devlopment of LASERS for medical and scientific purposes.

1984: Developed a range of advanced computing technologies and provided R& D services to major governmental project.

1983: Operations commenced in Australia in 1983 to provide R& D solutions to industry in high technology.


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