Safety, Security and Surveillance

Wired and Wireless offers solutions in many safety, security and surveillance applications such as:
  • Security Alarms
  • Border and perimeter security
  • Lone worker applications
  • Municipality security
  • Infrastructure protection
  • In-mate and mental health facilities
  • Emergency systems
  • Wireless telemetry / alarming

Critical technologies are now available that offer greatly enhanced safety and communications levels for clients and staff. This is achieved by enabling staff to always be reachable and making certain that the right action is taken in every situation. Not only does this ensure an efficient working environment, but it also reduces overall risks and operational costs.

Applications for your needs

See how your company can benefit from our solutions:


Our Services cover: Training, Facilitation, Management, Consulting, Design, Development, Implementation, Maintenance, Communications, Health & Safety Systems, IT Networks and Leadership. Our service commenced in 1983.
In these regions: Australasia, Indian Subcontinent & Middle East
Our key partners: (Representation varies by region)
Alcatel - Ascom - PACCS - Belden - Data-Linc - Ericsson - HeartMath - Hirschmann - Kleos - Shyam - Vecima


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