Origins and Aims


Wired & Wireless was founded by business leaders and engineers with the aim of providing technological and business expertise of the highest levels. In addition to providing world class solutions, the company’s goal is to offer these as widely as possible through our growing network. We have achieved our aims and have helped thousands of organisations solve their technological challenges.

Wired & Wireless, through its various business units and distribution channels has successfully completed close to ten thousand projects in private and government sectors and takes pride in being a world-leading high-tech electronics company. Our solutions are employed in major countries, and our maintenance services are provided on a national basis with options for 24 x 7 support.

Key industry leaders have contributed to the strong successes of Wired and Wireless. Many decades of combined experience provides a strong foundation in directing the business and its consulting activities.

Wired and Wireless today aims to continue to equip organisations with leading edge electronics, communications, security and business technologies.


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