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Product HyperLan-Pack Ethernet Air-Pack
Functions Ethernet wireless backhaul, kit made from 2 pre-configured units (OFDM backhaul) Point-to-point Ethernet wireless connection, kit made from 2 pre-configured units
Format IP 66 enclosure + parabolic antenna Universal mounting box
(wall and Din Rail)
Dimensions L:103 x W:67 x H:23 mm (module)
d:44 or 60 cm (antenna)
L:103 x W:67 x H:23 mm (per unit)
Ethernet link 10/100 Base Tx auto-sensing, auto MDI/MDIX cross-over, 25 m cable 10/100 Base Tx auto-sensing
Maximum speed (TCP data throughput ) 40 Mbps 40 Mbps
Radio link WiFi IEEE 802.11a WiFi IEEE 802.11a
Frequency range 5.3 GHz (OFDM) 5 GHz
Antennas 23 or 28 dBi antenna
N-type connector
Built-in lightning surge protection
One 2 dBi antenna on each unit
(RP-SMA connector)
Nominal range with built-in antennas Up to 4 Km (@ 40 Mbps), line of sight 300m, line of sight
Security Pre-configured WPA2-PSK,
hidden SSID
Pre-configured WPA2-PSK,
hidden SSID
Configuration Ready to use, nothing to configure Ready to use, nothing to configure
Power supply Powered from the data cable
(IEEE 802.3af) or from a DC source
(+9VDC to +75VDC)
External, +5VDC on jack connector
Power consumption 7W typical for each unit 3.5W typical for each unit
LED signaling
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