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ElettraSuite Dispatch Console

The ElettraSuite IP Dispatcher is the sub-system that provides a dispatching operation into an ElettraSuite ADAPTANET network. It supplies a complete set of TETRA features, such as voice and data communications, dispatch management, graphics and database information.

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PERSEUS Dispatcher Application & Feature

The SELEX Communications's Dispatcher can be considered as window opened on the ElettraSuite system based on the TETRA standard. This application is a PC-based tool easy to be used for management supervision and control of radio-communications with users on the field.

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PERSEUS DAC - Dispatcher Audio Console

The PERSEUS Disparcher Audio Console (DAC) is an audio device, which handles the TETRA voice streams directed to/from the dispatcher operators. The Dispatcher Audio Console is connected via a physical audio path to a dedicated audio port available at a TETRA WDS (WAN Dispatcher Station), LDS (LAN Dispatcher Station used in the Control Rooms) or RDS (Radio Dispatcher Station) site and provides facilities to connect audio equipment such as a headset, microphone and loudspeakers.

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This product line is part of the wired Dispatcher Stations provided by SELEX Communications for dispatching operation in a TETRA system. These stations run the dispatcher application with full functionality and are thought for a single-operator arrangement. Each WDS Station acts as an autonomous dispatching system.

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PERSEUS Radio Dispatcher Station

The Radio Dispatcher Station (RDS) is based on the FC3000 TETRA fixed-radio that is part of the VS3000 Mobile Station family and it is operated by means of a Personal Computer. The RDS Station is the simplest of the Dispatcher Stations family and provides basic dispatching functionality.

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ElettraSuite AS-30000 TETRA Avionic Transceiver

The AS-3000 is a TETRA mobile terminal built in full compliance with avionic specifications. The AS-3000 with its rich feature set is the ideal solution to extend TETRA services to users in helicopters and fixed wing light aircraft.

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This is a compact terminal with an essential HMI interface constituted by a touch-screen and few buttons ergonomically placed around the display. Its dimensions and design allow to use it together other informatic devices and PCs on the same bench without confusing every tools' function.

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