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SELEX Communications, a Finmeccanica Company, is a global supplier of advanced communication, navigation and identification solutions to protect communities and critical national infrastructure. With over 100 years of experience and driven by a relentless quest for innovation, the company delivers advanced, secure, integrated and interoperable networked solutions for governmental, civil and military applications.

SELEX Communications represents the convergence of all of Finmeccanica's manufacturing activities in the telecommunication sector. Our history is about telecommunication solutions, for all activities and requirements. We belong to a larger family, the "SELEX" family, which summarizes Finmeccanica's defense electronics activities.

SELEX Communications employs about 4.400 people. Headquartered in Italy and with worldwide offices and facilities, SELEX Communications has the global presence to provide its customers with the solutions and support they need - anywhere, anytime.

Our Mission

SELEX Communications will be recognized as a multi-national company with a multi- domestic specific target market, being one of the world major suppliers of Secure Communication System solutions leveraging on Finmeccanica Aerospace & Defence sectors and active on Professional and Civil niche business segments.

One hundred years of innovation

At SELEX Communications, we are proud of our heritage, rich in communications and defense electronics industry innovation.We entered the business world at the turn of the 20th century, when the Chiefs of Staff of Defense understood the importance that radio communications would play in future military operations. Throughout the years the company diversified its activities - to include professional mobile radio, space, avionics, command and control systems, networks for terrestrial and naval applications and more - and expanded globally to become a multinational company that generates roughly half of its income on the international market. Today, SELEX Communications is a global supplier of advanced mission-critical communications, navigation and identification solutions to protect communities and critical national infrastructure that generates roughly one-half of its turnover on the international market.


Our Activities

Professional Communications

SELEX Communications provides secure and interoperable mobile networks, using TETRA and DMR technologies, which are destined to the Professional Mobile market. They are integrated with new-generation broadband wireless technologies, with the aim of setting up multi-technological access networks capable of guaranteeing user connectivity as well as to ensure the security of their communications' contents, privacy and processes. SELEX Communications is able to perform this task in a transparent way and in every situation.

A wide range of technologies for emergency communications, which guarantee that those who operate in the field of citizens and environment protection are provided with the most valuable solutions to ensure their own safety as well as that of the operations they carry out. As far as Italy is concerned, SELEX Communications is implementing a TETRA-based national mobile network designed for Polizia di Stato (Italian State Police), Carabinieri, Polizia Penitenziaria (Penitentiary Police), Corpo Forestale Italiano (Italian Forest Brigades) and Guardia di Finanza (Customs Police). The supply by SELEX Communications of over 100 mobile systems in more than 30 countries clearly demonstrates that the high quality and performance of the systems provided by the Company are appreciated all over the world.
SELEX Communications has developed a set of customized telecoms systems devoted to companies operating in the mass transport business. As far as energy companies are concerned, SELEX Communications provides them with solutions designed to operate in highly explosive environments and to perform telemetric detection analyses. In respect to emerging technologies and broadband connectivity, SELEX Communications offers a complete range of BWA systems devoted to telecoms operators, the civil industry and the Public Administration.

The Company has also a long experience in the GSM-R mobile communications business, managing and controlling Railway and Mass Transit traffic. As to the Air Traffic Management sector, SELEX Communications' know-how in developing air traffic control systems for air-ground communications spans well over 35 years.


Professional Communications

SELEX Communications develops and supplies secure, integrated and interoperable turnkey communication solutions for voice and data transmission that combine different enabling technologies including TETRA and DMR open digital radio standards and the latest generation of wireless broadband radio to provide multi-technology network solutions that guarantee transparent user connectivity in all circumstances to support efficient operations of Public Safety and Emergency Medical Services, Civil Protection Agencies and Homeland Security applications.

SELEX Communications boasts a long experience in development of mobile voice and data GSM-R communication solutions for the management and control of Railway and Mass Transit traffic and over 35 years of know-how in the supply and delivery of ground-to-air Air Traffic Control communication systems and equipment complying with the ICAO standard for airports, tower and air control centres and with the new VHF Data Link (VDL) standards.

As a response to the growing demands from Oil, Gas, Utilities and Transportation companies SELEX Communications has developed a complete line of professional mobile radio solutions and applications, tailored to meet industry-specific needs and to increase operations’ efficiency, security, quality and timeliness. The company’s solutions are engineered to be reliable, flexible and robust and to interface with other networks, systems and tools. Applications include telemetry, Automatic Vehicle Location, video-transfer and database-access.

For telecommunication operators SELEX Communications develops and supplies multi-access broadband communication solutions to integrate existing information and communications solutions. The Company offers a complete set of Broadband Wireless Access based equipment (Wi-Fi, HiperLan, and WiMAX) suitable for civil applications (Telecom Operators, Public Administration, etc.).


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