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ElettraSuite TIN (TETRA IP Node)

ElettraSuite ADAPTANET IP offers suitable solutions for small and medium networks, supporting both centralized and distributed architectures, and it also provides support for larger network (i.e. regional networks), thanks to the introduction of a new centralized network topology, specifically designed for larger networks.

This new approach is based on a new switching and control device: the TIN (TETRA IP Node).

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ElettraSuite Gateway

The new SELEX Communications ElettraSuite Gateway is a major element in ElettraSuite ADAPTANET network, providing gateway services between TETRA Ip network and teh external world.

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ElettraSuite NMS x50

The ElettraSuite NMS x50 product is designed to allow administrators to identify and resolve problems before they impact on ElettraSuite ADAPTANET IP network services.

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ElettraSuite BS Node

The Versatile network element of the ElettraSuite ADAPTANET TETRA IP solution.


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ElettraSuite Network Management System

The ElettraSuite NMS product line is our new generation of TETRA Network Management Systems (NMS), designed to allow administrators to identify and resolve problems before they impact on network services. Its key features are: - high level of scalability - an open Unix based platform - Sun UltraSPARC processor based hardware - fully-redundant option - enhanced security .

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ElettraSuite BS Plus

The SELEX Communications BS Plus offers superior radio covarage performances, allowing our clients to reduce the number of base stations in a network with a significant CAPEX and OPEX saving. Transmitters used in the BS Plus are rated for 65 W continuous RF power. This unique on the market feature guarantees an enhanced link budget, especially in systems designed for vehicular radios.

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If you are uncertain what applications the future will require from your TETRA system your investment today shall be safeguarded through the purchase of future proof solutions. SELEX Communications was driving the development of TEDS and is one of the very first companies to implements TEDS technology into its standard products. Our TETRA equipment assures the migration path towards future wide-band data applications.

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ElettraSuite Recorder Unit

The new SELEX Communications ElettraSuite Recorder Unit combines a user friendly design approach with competitive Professional Mobile Radio features. Based on the most modern technologies it ensures the highest level of security on sensitive access, taking care of voice communications recording.

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Pico Gateway

SELEX Communicationss Pico-Gateway (Pico-GW) may be considered as one of the most relevant element in any TETRA network, providing access to the external world.

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Thanks to the unrivalled set of services and applications, TETRA is on top of professional users preferences! In the frame of the widely used ELETTRA Light family, a new optimised solution for small-medium TETRA networks is born. PicoNode-T today offers the state-of-the-art for local TETRA networks, up to 8 sites fulfilling the most critical user requirements.

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BS-T2 TETRA Radio Base Station

SELEX Communications' TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio) Radio Base Station (BS) series T2 is a state-of-the-art equipment in its class. The BS series T2 is specially designed to cope with the operational requirements typically requested by professional users in radio mobile digital networks, for emergency situations or fast response operation.

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ElettraSuite Pico BS

The ElettraSuite Pico BS is a powerful, compact, scalable and cost-effective TETRA communications solution. It is the ideal entry level product for a single site or for small networks.

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ElettraSuite Pico Plus

SELEX Communications' Pico Plus is the new compact Switch & Control Node (SCN) belonging to the TETRA product family, designed to provide an entry level solution for small/medium networks.

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ElettraSuite SCN Plus

The ElettraSuite SCN Plus is the new SELEX Communications' Switch & Control Node (SCN) product for TETRA networks, with an architecture designed to provide the performance, availability, and reliability needed to support mission-critical communications in the most demanding environments.

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