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Hand-held Products

When you choose TETRA radios for your organisation you want to be sure that they will perform well in all the situations your users encounter. Versatility, ease of use, resilience and cost-effectiveness will be high on your list of priorities. Look no further than the range of truly international, feature-rich hand-held TETRA radios, with support for many languages and frequencies.

They are the smallest and lightest hand-helds you can buy, yet rugged enough to withstand the rigours of field operation. Their performance is without question, having been proven in over a billion hours of successful operation. What is more, programmable keys, a choice of screen types and GPS functionality, together with the wide range of accessories available, mean that you can customize your hand-held to meet the needs of your operation exactly.

Our radios need little training to operate and are highly reliable. They share the standard user interface, and support tools and many accessories are common across the range, making them highly cost-effective in a mixed fleet.

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Mobile Products

Control-room and in-vehicle radios are at the epicentre of your operation. And data functionality will be as important as voice to keep essential information flowing and decision-making timely and accurate.

When you choose mobile radios you are assured of a reliable hub for your communications. All radios share our standard user interface so that users need little training to make best use of the comprehensive functionality. A range of mounting options make them suitable in trains, planes, emergency vehicles, cars and on the desktops while optional GPS functionality will enable you to track and better deploy your field force. They can be configured for one, two or no consoles and offer a high number of data ports so you can run the applications that drive your operation easily.

With up to 10W of power, our mobiles will provide coverage at greater distances from TETRA base stations. And when set to gateway mode, the RSG3500 can extend the coverage of your TETRA communication still further.


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Covert Products

When stealth can make the world of difference to the success of an operation, the SRC3300 should be your choice of hand-held radio. Small, light and with no display, sounds or interface that might give away its presence, the SRC3300 is the world’s best-selling covert operations terminal.

Worn on the body and controlled by a small remote control unit that fits in the palm, the SRC3300 is very discreet. It includes end-to-end encryption, emergency alarm, tone signal and long battery life to suit the needs of staff in military, police and anti-terrorist scenarios.

The SRC3300 sGPS features sGPS receiver to maximise each operative’s safety with location tracking.


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Hand-held Accessories

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Mobile Accessories

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TetraFlex® is the smart, flexible, scalable and affordable way to TETRA!

TetraFlex® is a global brand with unique and innovative capabilities setting new standards for TETRA systems. TetraFlex® is developed for industries and organisations with a high demand for reliable communication and future-orientated solutions. TetraFlex® can grow and expand in line with your requirements change. Regardless your choice of a single site or a multi site system, WWSI supplies high-quality TETRA solutions. TetraFlex® is the complete system that includes all the integrated hardware and software functions you need. Even mounting tools are included for outdoor units, making it easy to install sites on walls, in small, local or rural areas or even to install it in a vehicle.


TetraFlex® is the smart choice in digital radio communication, regardless of whether you need a single site system, multi sites or if leaping from analogue technology to TETRA. TetraFlex® is 100% based on IP technology which connects the site controller, base stations, dispatchers, network management facilities and external gateways in one state-of-the-art infrastructure. Using the IP technology you can monitor the entire network, manage subscribers, operate the sites and much more regardless of where you are in the world. The only thing you need is an IP connection.


TetraFlex® became world-famous as the small and intelligent single site solution used for local TETRA coverage. With the latest developments TetraFlex® can do so much more than that! If your requirement is for more than a single site system, TetraFlex® can easily be expanded with scalable software to a highly professional multi site system. Within the capability of TetraFlex® you can start small and expand step by step as your requirement increases or until the desired capacity has been achieved. We call it scalable TETRA.


Yet here is the biggest surprise of all: TetraFlex® offers the best price/performance ratio in the business. It is priced far lower than other TETRA systems on the market offering the same capability.


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