Alarm management, live on your Smartphone

Get alarm notifications, acknowledge or reject them with a simple touch on the screen. Check ongoing alarms on your different sites at any moment from your Smartphone: Acknowledge, mask or unmask them as needed.

Mobile supervision of your sites

Create synoptic charts of your sensitive data. Check them at will on your Smartphone. Avoid unnecessary travel; trigger actions from your Smartphone.

Optimized on-call management

Be more efficient; send your status to ALERT from your Smartphone (team changeover, meeting, operation start, end of operation). ALERT will notify you only if necessary.

Enhanced security of people

On a risky intervention, secure yourself with your Smartphone.  ALERTMOBILE will control your movements and will automatically trigger an alarm in ALERT (with your GPS position if available) in case of prolonged immobility or not receiving a signal of life after a given time.

Operational simplicity

Enable the ALERTMOBILE extension in ALERT, download the ALERTMOBILE application on your Smartphones, and launch the application: the remote monitoring of your sites is ready and functional.

Supervise your installations directly on your mobile phone

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