ALERT - Industrial telesurveillance

Inform the right person, at the right time, in the right place, with the right information


Alert is a software product designed for remote monitoring of automated systems.

Alert monitors and centralizes data and alarms from a variety of automated applications (SCADA systems , PLCs, remote monitoring sites) and runs on Windows.

When an alarm condition is detected, Alert automatically informs the relevant staff using all available media (phone, SMS, pager, email, fax …) Calls are made according to a schedule associated with each alarm type, guarantying a live call tracking (transmitted information have been taken into account) with all necessary escalation procedures

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Maximum flexibility for your information system

Alert can connect to a variety of applications :

  • Industrial SCADA systems via Alert’s integrated OPC interface or specific modules (Intouch, AppServer, WinCC, PCVue, Cimplicity, Citect ...), which are supplied by default with the software.
  • Industrial PLCs or controllers via the OPC interface (Data Access, Alarms & Events).
  • External applications or devices via scripts that process the exchange protocol between Alert and these applications / devices (serial link, IP, file, database, email, SMS ...).

Alert can also handle alarms or action requests that are transmitted through other interfaces :

  • External applications, through its programming interface (API) or command lines.
  • WEB server through a script of the Message Processor.
  • Voice interface (Jericho).

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Alarm broadcast on all media

When an alarm condition is detected, Alert automatically informs the relevant staff using all available media:

  • Landline and mobile telephone, as well as Walkie-Talkie, to directly contact the operators and transmit information by voice with immediate call acknowledgement and possibility to acknowledge the alarms. Compatible with all technologies: analog, digital (ISDN), VoIP.
  • SMS, mini-messages on DECT phone (Alcatel, Aastra, Siemens …) to Alert mobile operators with written messages.
  • Pager / Beeper to rapidly inform onsite operators.
  • Fax, email to transmit reports and additional information on the alarms and their context
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The AlertMobile module for smartphones (Android, BlackBerry, iPhone), offers operators an ergonomic and efficient tool to:

  • Receive and manage alarms,
  • View and manage sensitive data from the system being monitored,
  • Set up availability remotely and in real time,
  • Enhance his safety during risky operations



Alert 3.6 Revision 2 embeds a new feature which locate and show alarms and/or persons on a map.
You also have the ability to import specific images or personnalized maps.
Combined with location beacons, you will be able to locate and view the alarms inside your buildings.
Your alarms will be accurately geolocated for more effective interventions.

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Strengthened Lone Worker Feature

Combined with various Lone-Worker solutions (AlertMobile, DECT, Walkie-Talkie, Pager,...) the intervener will, if desired, be able to show his position in case he is facing difficulties, providing important information for a quick and accurate assistance.


An intuitive and ergonomic On-Call Management

gestion astreinteAlert integrates advanced on-call management features, allowing you to define in a simple and intuitive way the operators that need to be warned :

  • When an alarm is detected, the operators who have to be warned, are selected based on their on-call group membership attached to the alarm and the on-call schedule associated to each group.
  • The selected operators are reached using media on the numbers assigned to them in their call list. Calls are made according to their order in the list until the operator is considered effectively warned (call transmitted and acknowledged).
  •  If a call fails to warn an operator (all tries to the numbers in his list have been unsuccessfully), relief operators can be called. If an entire group cannot be called successfully, relief groups are called

Maximum safety, complete traceability

Alert makes every effort to insure maximum operability and traceability of failures, alarms and operations:

  • Control of the remote controlled environment: control of the activated and operative installation, operational media.
  • Redundant installation possible with automatic synchronization of stations to ensure maximum availability of remote monitoring.
  • Logging of all events in a journal; alarm history, calls, operations, statistical treatment. Possibility to export logs in real time to an external database


An ergonomic, multimodal and multilingual interface

Alert integrates different tools to view and remote control alarms and On-Call Management:


 alertclient icon alertweb icon alertmobile icon

AlertClient Module 

access the software’s
essential features
from a network station.

AlertWeb Module 

access the software’s
main operating functions
by using a simple web .

AlertMobile Module 

view, acknowledge
and mask alarms or manage
on-call schedule with a Smartphone


Alert provides a visual and voice interface adapted to each operator, local and onsite:

  • Multilingual visual interface (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese).
  • Alarm messages can be generated in various languages. Each operator can receive messages in his own language.
  • Thanks to the integrated voice synthesis module, voice messages are automatically generated in the language of the callees.