JUMO: enhanced safety, minimum mobilisation of personnel


The company JUMO, located at Fulda (Germany), has existed as producer for measurement and control for more than 50 years. The product offer consists of mechanical parts and assemblies, electrochemical circuits, pressure measurement instruments, circuit boards, electronic assemblies, thermostats, electronic controllers, electrical actuators, automation software, etc. In 2002, 1700 employees work for JUMO in Germany and abroad. Read more...

ST MICROELECTRONICS integrates remotesupervision in its production control process.

stm ST MICROELECTRONICS conceives, develops and commercialises a wide range of integrated circuits and discrete components used in numerous consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, communication and chip cards applications.

With a turnover of more than 7 billions dollars in 2000 for a net profit of more than 1 450 millions dollars, ST MICROELECTRONICS is the world's sixth semi-conductor manufacturer (Gartner-Dataquest 2001 classification).

The Rousset site Founded in 1979, the Rousset site is specialized in the manufacturing of the following components: 6 " Front End: programmable logical circuits (MCU 8 bits, Smartcard), non volatile memories (EEPRON, Smartcard) 8" Front End: logical circuits, telecom applications or 16 or 32 consumer equipment, memories embedded in logical functions (EEPRON, Smartcard, Flash). Read more...