Eiffage chooses Alert for monitoring the Mont Saint-Michel dam.

Alert was selected by the Eiffage group, responsible for overall management of work on the Mont Saint-Michel site, for monitoring sluice-gate operation throughout the construction work and ensuring safety during the critical phase of commissioning the dam.

Mont Saint-Michel dam

De-silting the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel: one of the most extraordinary ecological projects in existence, aimed at preserving the maritime character of this exceptional site. Read more...


For Monaco, sanitation is a major sanitary and ecological question


The sanitation service of the town planning department manages about 30 remote control automatons gathered on all the installations.

These PLCs are installed on the waste water networks, the main lifting stations, three storm overflows, a storm tank, as well as a waste water pre-treatment station. The whole PLCs allow information necessary to the regulation of the hydraulic system of the water treatment network to be gathered. Read more...

BetzDearborn: optimal reactivity and tracing

BetzDearborn company, one of the first world's supplier of water treatment system has chosen ALERT to supervise stations installed on its European and worldwide customers' sites.

BetzDearborn, one of Hercules Incorporated Divisions (Important American group specialized in the production of chemical products) is the world's leader in chemical products specifically used for the treatment and recycling of industrial process water. BetzDearborn is a multinational company with 28 subsidiaries located throughout the world. This water treatment and hydraulic installations master intervenes in many different industrial, sales or institutional fields.

The products developed by BetzDearborn are used in factory equipment such as boilers, cooling circuits and water treatment systems. BetzDearborn also intervenes in production operations enabling productivity and quality production improvement. The innovating solutions developed by BetzDearborn enables implementation cost reduction while combining industrial necessities and environment protection. Read more...

ADP and Alert:

no-risk implacable logic

In this particular context, safety is one of ADPs main priorities:

Safety is at the forefront of the expectations of customers of Pariss airports, as well as being a key challenge in ADPs quest for excellence and a important part of the companys strategy. During this initial phase, the number of dedicated security staff doubled (4,200 people) and ADP invested some 230 million euros per year over the years 2001 to 2004. Today, the first set-up phase is complete and the work of Aeroports de Paris is now resolutely turned towards improving the quality of its projects, strengthening the professionalism of its various players, rationalising resources and improving techniques." Read more...

ALERT in the Mont Blanc tunnel


Since its opening in 1965, the Mont Blanc tunnel has linked together the Haute Savoie and the Valle d'Aosta. As an essential tie between France and Italia, the tunnel has been, since more than 35 years, a strong driving force behind the local economic development.

The fire that occurred on March, 24th 1999 caused very important damage and most importantly 39 people killed. It led to a 3 year closure of the tunnel and obliged the concerned authorities to completely rethink and reorganize its conception. Read more...

AlertMobile at Roquette
Avoid useless travels



The Port of Bayonne : supervision of a fast growing business platform

Associated with SCHNEIDER ISIS 3000, ALERT contributes to a better management of the electrical energy and to an optimum control of the level crossings of the Port of Bayonne. The implementation of JERICHO vocal server enables a better communication with the port-users. Read more...

Power and user-friendliness of the Alert web interface in an international organisation in Geneva

In May 2002, an international organisation whose head office is located in Genevaune replaced the beeper system it used for internal mobile messaging with Alert software and its extension, AlertMessenger. Read more...

LAFARGE ALUMINATES automates the radio dispatching of its alarms


The company LAFARGE ALUMINATES located at Fos sur Mer has chosen ALERT for the on-site dispatching of its technical alarms coming from a Panorama concentrator and its PC S7 supervision system. The maintenance operators are informed through radio by a numeric code or a clear message displayed on their walkie-talkie and by an associated vocal message. Relief calls can be made through phone. Read more...

Alert watches over our heritage in the French National Library

Coupled with CEDELECs Vespa supervisor, ALERT ensures the preservation of the most ancient archive documents, objects and costumes in Frances heritage.


The Richelieu site was the historical birthplace of the French National Library (BNF), which was founded in 1720. The site has been gradually shaped and modified over the centuries, with the first buildings dating back to the time of Mazarin.

This site harbours four of the BNFs oldest collection departments, these being:

  • maps and plans
  • prints and photographs
  • manuscripts, western section and oriental section
  • Coins, medals and antiques
  • Music
  • Performing arts


Lilly France: Alert satisfies the draconian standards of the pharmaceutical group


Lilly: 125 years of growth through innovation

Lilly, the worlds 11th largest pharmaceutical group, bases its development on the discovery of innovative medicines: from the very first industrial production of insulin in 1923 to the development of products stemming from genetic engineering, the companys aim has always been to market products that are the first or best in their therapeutic class. Lilly employs 44,000 people around the world, with a presence in over 150 countries, and has 20 production sites and 9 research and development centres on all 5 continents. Read more...

ETH Zurich ? Building management: Alert shows how far it goes

Since July, 1st, 2001 a new system of building and alarm management has been used in the divisions "security" and "buildings" at the ETH. (Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich = Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich).


The Federal Institute of Technology Zurich was founded by the Swiss government in 1854. More than 7500 people work in teaching, research and administration. Current statistics of the ETH show 11700 registered students. Between the former professors and graduates one can find Nobel Prize winners like Wilhelm Konrad Rontgen and Albert Einstein. Read more...

Lactalis: centralisation and trace-back at the heart of the Alert process


With 66 industrial sites in France and 15 companies located internationally, LACTALIS is the first European private milk group and the first exporter of French milk products.

LACTALIS is specialized in milk production: milk, butter, cream, cheese. The group also produces famous milk specialties such feta SALAKIS, camembert PRESIDENT, Roquefort SOCIETE, ).
The factory located in Rodez treats milk, produces cream and two famous cheese specialties: RONDELE and BLEU D'ECOSSE.

LACTALIS reinforces the security of its production process

LACTALIS GROUP: key figures

  • 34 billions francs turnover in 2000 (5.2 billions Euros) - 40 % Export sales
  • More than 16 000 persons, 2 100 abroad
  • Production : 1 billion litres of milk
  • 140 000 tons of butter
  • 100 000 tons of cream
  • 525 000 tons of cheese



Opened in 1950, Marseilles Saint Louis Sucre factory is both a refinery and a packaging plant. Here area few key figures:

  • 42,000 tonnes of white sugar cubes
  • 10,000 tonnes of cane sugar (brown sugar) specialities.
  • 274 staff on the site on a permanent basis, including 160 in packaging.
  • 3 sets of silos allowing 30,000 tonnes of sugar to be stored.


Kinepolis : Eyes wide open on the comfort of its spectateurs


Kinepolis : The ultimate cinematographic experience

The Kinepolis group was created in the 60's, developing a network of cinemas on the Belgium market. The new cinema concept was successful and the group soon became leader on the Belgium market and the European specialist in up-market cinemas.

They are specialized as well in size and comfort of the multiplex infrastructures as in the techniques used for optimum broadcasting of the movies: THX sound, numeric cinema. Kinepolis is one of the rare pioneers offering numeric cinema thanks to the revolutionary DLP technology. Its cinematographic complexes are conceived as real leisure temples integrating restaurants, cafes, shops, fitness centers, etc.. The mission of the company is based on two key values: Innovation and Client service.

There are 20 Kinepolis complexes throughout Europe: France, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Switzerland. In 2004, The Kinepolis Group has received 24,5 millions visitors. Read more...

The prevention of landslides on the unstable face of the Ruines de Sechilienne

ALERT sends key information to the technicians of Lyons Centre d'Etudes Techniques de l'Equipement (C.E.T.E.)



The prevention of serious natural hazards is a major challenge for modern society. It is both a social challenge, because public authorities cannot remain inactive when populations are under threat, and a technical one, because the forecasting of the progression of phenomena ? the key to all prevention ? calls upon high-performance measurement methods.

The Ruines site is located in the lower valley of the Romanche, on the right bank of the river, 2.5 km downstream from the village of Sechilienne and 15 km southwest of Grenoble.

The movement of the face, which appears to have been initiated by post-glacial decompression phenomena, affects a total surface area of 70 ha. Read more...

TECHNINEIGE develops the snow coverage remote control

Technineige integrates Alert in its artificial snow coverage systems

The past winter seasons were not optimum for main of the French winter sport resorts because of a fickle snow coverage. To balance snow heights and guarantee optimum snow coverage, the winter sport resorts invest in snow production systems.

Snow Blowers Functioning Process

Snow blowers can produce a significant quantity of snow on the sine qua non condition that the temperatures are low enough.

The snow production is strictlyspeaking natural. The snow blowers just blow tiny droplets in the air. On contact with air, the droplets crystallize and turn into snow.

This network is made up of a water storage basin (generally in the form of an artificial lake), a pumping station and a pipe network which dispatches water to each of the snow blower). Read more...

ST MICROELECTRONICS integrates remote
supervision in its production control process.


ST MICROELECTRONICS conceives, develops and commercialises a wide range of integrated circuits and discrete components used in numerous consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, communication and chip cards applications.

With a turnover of more than 7 billions dollars in 2000 for a net profit of more than 1 450 millions dollars, ST MICROELECTRONICS is the world's sixth semi-conductor manufacturer (Gartner-Dataquest 2001 classification).

The Rousset site

Founded in 1979, the Rousset site is specialized in the manufacturing of the following components:

  • 6 " Front End: programmable logical circuits (MCU 8 bits, Smartcard), non volatile memories (EEPRON, Smartcard)
  • 8" Front End: logical circuits, telecom applications or 16 or 32 consumer equipment, memories embedded in logical functions (EEPRON, Smartcard, Flash).


Monaco Oceanographic Museum more than 6,000 marine species protected by ALERT

The oceanographic museum,100 years of historypaying tribute to the sea

monaco.jpgThe Oceanographic museum, which was founded by Albert I, Prince of Monaco, in 1910 is an exceptional site entirely dedicated to the sea. It aims to develop oceanography and introduce the science to a wide audience, using the founding Prince's historical collections, temporary and permanent exhibits and the live collections in the site's aquarium. Read more...

Forcalquier Hospital : quality and traceability of patient call managementPopulation coverage: 14,000 inhabitants for local services

  • Population coverage of the functional rehabilitation department (RRF): 32,000 inhabitants
  • A high-quality functional rehabilitation centre: 300 patients per year, rehabilitation rooms, an ergotherapy room and a pool. (building developed in 1993)
  • 146 beds including 35 sanitary beds in functional rehabilitation and follow-up care,
  • A 111-bed retirement home
    • a floor accommodating 18 residents of the retirement home.
    • Renovated in 1998. It houses residents of the retirement home.




The SCADA system FabView (from Air Liquide) and ALERT supervise the gas distribution in the plant of a semiconductor manufacturer in Dresden (Germany) AIR LIQUIDE Electronics' mission, through continuous.

AIR LIQUIDE Electronics' mission, through continuous technological leadership in gases, equipment and services, is to create value worldwide for the Customers in the electronics industry by delivering innovative global multi-fluid solutions that are friendly to the environment. Semiconductor manufacturing in particular requires the very best quality of materials used like gases and wet chemicals 100% of the time, so uptime is key in fluid distribution systems. Read more...



Kergomar Lannion water plant, Brittany


  • 7,000 m3 of water per day

  • 22,000 users the entire town of Lannion and several neighbouring districts

  • 2 plants
  • Kergomar
  • Pradic Glas.

  • 6 remote reservoirs either on the ground or in towers.


Floods prevention in the bievre valley

The company VEOLIA EAU-Compagnie Generale des Eaux, in charge of the hydraulic regulation in the Bievre Valley uses Alert and Visual Access for its remote control management system.

The numerous floods that occurred in the Somme, the Marne or the Seine river during the first quarter 2001 made the floods prevention the forefront of the news.

The hydraulic management system implemented by Generale des Eaux for the control of the swelling of the Bievre, tributary of the Seine, South of Paris, enables to prevent flood risks and to protect the inhabitants of the valley from the swelling of the Bievre.The numerous floods that occurred in the Somme, the Marne or the Seine river during the first quarter 2001 made the floods prevention the forefront of the news.

The hydraulic management system implemented by Generale des Eaux for the control of the swelling of the Bievre, tributary of the Seine, South of Paris, enables to prevent flood risks and to protect the inhabitants of the valley from the swelling of the Bievre. Read more...



ATOFINA uses ALERT for the transmission of alarms on ASCOM

Atofina's factorty located in Feysin-Balan integrates Alert for the supervision of its PVC manufacturing process and for the automatic transmission of the technical alarms for maintenance operators.

The alarms managed by ALERT come from a Delta V supervision system installed in redundancy via OPC link. Delta V is a product developed and commercialised by
Fisher Rosemount.

The alarms are transmitted to the operators present on the site as written messages via an ASCOM person research system.