The benefits of the ALERT solution

  • Enhances the safety of your installations
  • Allows your teams to be more reactive
  • Enhances the mobility of your staff
  • Guarantees the best service quality
  • Ensures complete traceability

The winning equations of the ALERT solution

Safety + Mobility + Traceability = PEACE OF MIND
Safety + Reactivity + Mobility = PROFITABILITY
Reactivity + Traceability = QUALITY


Enhances the safety of your installations

ALERT constantly watches over your installations and their environment, and reacts to alarms and faults found by immediately warning the operators concerned.

By giving you warning before it is too late, ALERT avoids breakdowns and costly untimely stoppages, which can be dangerous for the installation, your staff and users.

Allows your teams to be more reactive

ALERT reacts very quickly to alarms and faults detected on your installations. It selects the operators to be alerted according to the problem found, warns them immediately, wherever they are, and gives them all the necessary information.

By immediately warning the right operators, at the right place and by giving them the right information, ALERT enables you to react very quickly and in the right way. By limiting the duration of breakdowns and stoppages as much as possible, you will enhance the profitability of your installations.

Enhances the mobility of your staff

ALERT warns the operators concerned by an alarm or fault notification, wherever they are on the site or even away from the site.

This enables you to avoid keeping operators on station needlessly, and gives them the possibility of moving around the site: more flexible and enhanced working organisation, better peace of mind for your staff. By allowing you to operate your installation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, without being forced to keep plenty of operators on duty, and without reducing the safety of your installations or the quality of life of your staff, ALERT enables you to enhance the profitability of your investments considerably.

Guarantees the best service quality

ALERT can also detect whether your application is no longer operational or no longer fulfils all its featured functions.

By warning you immediately of a problem occurring, ALERT enables you to limit the unavailability of your applications to the maximum, and to guarantee the best service quality for your customers.

Ensures complete traceability

ALERT records all the events and alarms for the monitored installation and the reactions of the operators.

By enabling you to analyse the chronology of events and to produce statistics on the occurring of breakdowns and periods during which a system or sub-system is unavailable, ALERT optimises the operation of your installation and enhances the quality of your production.