NET'SENTINEL - Interface to supervise network devices (SNMP)

Net'Sentinel is a monitoring software application dedicated to the control of a TCP/IP network and supervision of all connected SNMP compatible devices from any OPC/DDE client application

Its performances and capabilities make it particularly popular in industrial applications: SCADA, video network control, infrastructure surveillance (airports, highways, public transportation), etc..


Windows servicemode

  • more safety
  • running without any opened session

Client/server architecture

  • local or remote client
  • ability to connect several clients

New OPC server

  • the OPC server can be moved on the client (OPC tunneling)
  • no more network and DCOM configuration issues

New feature

  • network configuration import
  • equipment mapping file
  • virtual variables calculated based on equipmentvariables expression

Associated with Alert or Jericho software, Net'Sentinel is capable of triggering operator calls should there be a problem on the network or a device failure.

The software package Visual Access + Net'Sentinel allows dynamical views of the network to be created which can be accessed from any network station equipped with a simple Internet browser.