The prevention of landslides on the unstable face of the Ruines de Sechilienne

ALERT sends key information to the technicians of Lyons Centre d'Etudes Techniques de l'Equipement (C.E.T.E.)

sechilienne_1The prevention of serious natural hazards is a major challenge for modern society. It is both a social challenge, because public authorities cannot remain inactive when populations are under threat, and a technical one, because the forecasting of the progression of phenomena ? the key to all prevention ? calls upon high-performance measurement methods.
The Ruines site is located in the lower valley of the Romanche, on the right bank of the river, 2.5 km downstream from the village of Sechilienne and 15 km southwest of Grenoble.

The movement of the face, which appears to have been initiated by post-glacial decompression phenomena, affects a total surface area of 70 ha. Read more...

TECHNINEIGE develops the snow coverage remote control

Technineige integrates Alert in its artificial snow coverage systems

The past winter seasons were not optimum for main of the French winter sport resorts because of a fickle snow coverage. To balance snow heights and guarantee optimum snow coverage, the winter sport resorts invest in snow production systems.

Snow Blowers Functioning Process

Snow blowers can produce a significant quantity of snow on the sine qua non condition that the temperatures are low enough.The snow production is strictly speaking natural. The snow blowers just blow tiny droplets in the air. On contact with air, the droplets crystallize and turn into snow.This network is made up of a water storage basin (generally in the form of an artificial lake), a pumping station and a pipe network which dispatches water to each of the snow blower).Read more...

Eiffage chooses Alert for monitoring the Mont Saint-Michel dam.

Alert was selected by the Eiffage group, responsible for overall management of work on the Mont Saint-Michel site, for monitoring sluice-gate operation throughout the construction work and ensuring safety during the critical phase of commissioning the dam.


De-silting the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel: one of the most extraordinary ecological projects in existence, aimed at preserving the maritime character of this exceptional site. Read more...

Monaco Oceanographic Museum more than 6,000 marine species protected by ALERT

The oceanographic museum,100 years of historypaying tribute to the sea.

monaco.jpgThe Oceanographic museum, which was founded by Albert I, Prince of Monaco, in 1910 is an exceptional site entirely dedicated to the sea. It aims to develop oceanography and introduce the science to a wide audience, using the founding Prince's historical collections, temporary and permanent exhibits and the live collections in the site's aquarium..Read more...