Ter Beke reinforces the quality control of its products


Ter Beke chose Alert for the control of its production line and the automatic call of the maintenance operators when a defect is detected.

Background of the project

In order to maintain a constant quality of its products, the company Ter Beke, well known in the food industry, decided to invest in a remote control system. Thus the production of prepared meals of the Wanze factory (Belgium) is controlled on a permanent basis.

The aim of the project is to detect in a precise, efficient and rapid way every defect that would occur concerning the temperature and hygrometry levels in the cold rooms where the raw material and finished products are warehoused. The system also controls important parameters on the production line.


The installation is composed by 3 Siemens S7-300 automatons connected together (production buildings) and one Mitsubishi automaton (cooling tower). The whole installation is supervised by a WINCC SCADA.