PACCS Link is a range of industrial grade VHF & UHF data radio and includes semi duplex and full duplex radio modems with data rates from 1200bps to 19200bps. The PACCS Link radio modem is suited for applications ranging from small point to point links through to large broadcast point to multipoint data communications networks and is suitable for use with most industrial protocols. The front panel LEDs display diagnostic information indications such as receive signal strength, transmit power, radio temperature and RS 232 port status. The 5 watt RF output enables remote radio connection up to 80 km line of sight.


Key features of PACCS Link Radio:-

  • Key features of PACCS Link Radio are as follows:-
  • 6.25KHz frequency raster (and multiples)
  • up to 80 km line of sight
  • integrated radio modem
  • VHF (136 – 174MHz), UHF (380MHz – 520MHz)
  • dual RS 232 serial ports
  • separate data and diagnostic port
  • in-built configuration menu
  • front panel diagnostics for ease of testing and installation.

Potentially large wireless networks can be set up using a combination of PACCS Links radio modems.

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PACCSlink Series:

PACCSlink UHF VHF Crescendo
PACCSlink RFI Piccolo 433
PACCSlink RFI 450H
PACCSlink RFIx 590
PACCSlink RFI 595F
PACCSlink RFI 150D





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