PACCS NETcall - The IP-based platform for Voice, Data and Security Solutions


Our PACCS PBX for PABX’s and specially designed PACCS NETcall to integrate transparently with Cisco CallManager, provide a high-end solution for customers who like to integrate all their current communication, IP/VOIP, messaging, SMS, email, voicemail, control & alarm and other building management systems. With our advanced communication solutions, we can service all your communications, security, OH&S, and other staff requirements.

Our system is tested and proven in countries around the world and with over 15 years of design perfection built-in. The heart of the system -our alarm and message modules are the most commonly installed of any system in the world with thousands of installed sites operating today.

We provide excellent seamlessly integration of Busines Systems (e.g. Scada), Nurse-call, Fire alarm, BMS, DECT & Paging solutions. We can integrate Message dispatch, Process Control, IP/PABX, Building Automation, E-mail & Intranet integration, Voicemail, Alarm monitoring, Access control, Alarm Applications, Personal security, Duress and Alarm Location. Based on a licensing agreement, it will allow the client to purchase only what is needed at the time.

Premises and property security, wide area messaging support and many more high-level integration functions are available. Integration with wide-area communications such as cellular SMS services, PSTN auto-diallers are also available. In fact almost any on-site application can be integrated with this system, with any combination of contact inputs/outputs and high level I/Os.

Customer requirements:

  • Technical-Alarms
  • Network-Alarms
  • Evacuation
  • Conferencing
  • People-Protection
  • Voice-Recording


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PACCS NETcall - Cisco Integration


PACCS NETcall - Cisco & DECT Integration



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