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To keep customers happy and employees productive, small and medium-sized businesses require high-quality communication services. Old-fashioned communication systems are no longer sufficient. They don't have what it takes to give your business the leading edge in an increasingly competitive environment.

Putting customers and employees at the heart of your development strategy demands modern communication systems that focus on customer care, employee efficiency and smart operations.

In a word, the Alcatel OmniPCX Office is a comprehensive communications solution. It's the only solution that offers a wide range of functions and a high degree of flexibility in a single communications package. It brings you what you need today and supports your needs for tomorrow.



The widespread use of the Internet and related technologies has accelerated business activities and opened new possibilities with previously unreachable customers around the world.

At Alcatel we recognise that to succeed in this new world, business needs to be flexible, mobile, efficient, and able to function locally and externally. Alcatel's unified voice and data communications technology delivers scalable, mobile, and easily managed solutions that integrate employees, partners, and end-users at the desktop and away via an array of devices. Alcatel helps companies achieve their business goals by:

  • Building leading edge IP communications solutions that deliver business value for enterprises;
  • Protecting technology investments by delivering future proof network solutions that are scalable, adaptable, mobile, standards based and easily managed; and
  • Encouraging mobility and flexibility among today's modern workforce Alcatel's OmniPCX Office meets the converged communications requirements for small to medium enterprises by offering Voice, Internet, Data and Call Centre functionality in one easy to use, easy to manage communications system.


OmniPCX Office 5.0

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Alcatel Eye-Box


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